Vocare received an invitation from Nineteenth Avenue Baptist Church (NABC) of San Francisco, CA, where Joy Yee is senior pastor, to sing for their congregation. On February 2, singers and chaperones met at GSP to begin a weekend of missions, music and sight-seeing. Before even boarding the plane the music began as we presented our first impromptu concert of the trip!

Saturday, it was time for missions as we arrived at St. Martin de Porres House of Hospitality, one of the largest soup kitchens in San Francisco. We spent the morning chopping vegetables, prepping bread trays, cooking and setting up to serve lunch to the guests. We were honored to share our music as they ate. We worked with members of NABC serving lunch, visiting with guests and cleaning the dining room, patio and kitchen afterward.

The day at St Martin’s was truly an eye-opening and life-changing experience for all of us. We learned that St. Martin’s becomes a home for those with no homes – a place where family members or friends can send mail or leave messages, a place where they are not forgotten. A beautiful tree is painted on the wall of the courtyard. On its leaves are written the names of those who were served at St. Martin’s but are no longer living. We took a group picture under those love-spreading branches.

On Sunday morning, we participated in the worship service at NABC. Vocare sang beautifully, and we were blessed to be a part of such a meaningful service with our “sister church.”

We enjoyed sightseeing, visiting Fisherman’s Wharf, walking the Golden Gate Bridge, marveling at the redwoods in Muir Woods, and even attended NABC’s Super Bowl party at Joy‘s house. NABC’s hospitality was absolutely amazing!

This trip truly showed us the value of our calling: how we as Vocare are called to minister to others through our gifts of song and ourselves. We are grateful to all who helped make it possible.