If you had to jot down the names of those people who made a difference in your faith journey as you were growing up, we bet your Sunday School teachers would be at the top of the list.

Our children at FBG are so fortunate to have teams of adults who love and care about them and are excited to share with them the sacred stories of the Bible. Each Sunday they help the girls and boys explore these stories of faith in terms that they can understand. They encourage the children to investigate where they fit in the story and what God might be trying to teach them about God’s presence in their own lives.

We’re so thankful for these members of FBG who commit to nurture the faith of our children! That’s why we celebrated Preschool and Children’s Sunday School Teacher Appreciation Day on May 22. Thank you, teachers, for all that you do to grow the faith of our young ones! We treasure you!

— Becky and Juli

Infants                Toddlers                Special Needs
Cam McDade     Jonna Hamrick        Sara Kathryn Coates
Jo Carson           Meredith Hamrick    Elizabeth Watkins
Barbara Sease    Patty Bruns
Jean Watts
Allison Waddell
Carol Christy

2s                            3s                      4s                            5s
Matthew Burns       Bruce Brown      Susan Dodson         Tasha Anderson
Jennifer Murphy     Mary Ellington    Jacquelyn Fehler      Skip Hall
Julie Tollison           Cydelle Guth      Whitney Hodges       Leigh Joye
Alison Lawrence       Paula King
David Lawrence       Jack Morrow

First Grade           Second Grade    Third Grade           Fourth Grade
Beatriz Dennis       John Smith           Pat Carson             Susan D’Amato
Laurin McDonald   Jane Watkins        Wyline Holder        Jim Gibbs
Charmaine Fuller   Tricia Austin         Ashley Warthen     Stephanie Wright
Rolyn Rollins         Jennifer Restine   Lora Johnstone      Kristin Schulze

Fifth Grade                     Helpers
Laurie Berry-Dorroh       Carrie Rieder
Dan Dorroh                     Dawn Strickland
Rob Hanley                     Elaine Barnhill
Henry Watkins                 Ben Barnhill             
Camp Wynn
Keeley Krantz
Katina Moungrides
Lan Quattlebaum