A Spiritual Enrichment Event (SEE)

We all say we’re going to take care of it. None of us want to cause our families unnecessary pain. But it’s easy to postpone advance planning for our own end-of-life issues. Important as it may be, it never seems urgent.

Death is both a) inevitable and b) unpredictable. When no preparations are made, families can feel overwhelmed by all the decisions that must be made when they are preoccupied with grief and least able to deal with them. That’s too bad, because it isn’t necessary. There is such a thing as a “good death,” and that’s something worth talking about.

From 10:00am-noon on Saturday, November 12, 2016, our Spiritual Enrichment Event (SEE) retreat will be The Best Gift You Can Leave Your Family. In the space of a single morning, we will give you some good information about the legal issues around your end-of-life care (Duke McCall), discuss the options for what you want included — and not included — in your memorial service (Kendra Plating), and talk briefly about our spiritual preparation for death (Kyle Matthews).

Bring a friend or family member and come have coffee with us in the Parlor overlooking the Remembrance Garden in all its fall-colored glory. We will make a “gift” of unburdening our families, and we will leave feeling unburdened too. Registration fee of $15 includes morning coffee. The optional lunch following is $10. Please register here: https://firstbaptistgreenville.com/see-greatest-gift/ or contact me (ext. 138), Matt Rollins (ext. 144) or Jennifer Craig (ext. 121) at 233-2527.

— Kyle