Speaking Down the Barriers

If the recent racially-motivated violence in our state has caused you to feel helpless and defeated, know that these events have also created a renewed commitment to dialogue, understanding and community building in our city, and we can be part of it!

Since 2013 our neighbors in Spartanburg have been having community meetings to discuss race using a program called “Speaking Down the Barriers,” and recent events have brought this effective program to Greenville. These forums come with no political nor religious agenda; though, because it’s a forum, political and religious views may be expressed. The only agenda of the sponsors is simply the listening-sharing-learning process best expressed in the video showcased in this e-vite

The meetings will all be held at the Phyllis Wheatley Center — just around the corner — at 6:00 p.m. on August 11, September 8, October 13, and November 10. Each meeting is funded by a different supporting organization or partnership. First Baptist Greenville is funding the September meeting.

The location is convenient, there are multiple chances to attend, the cost has been covered, and it’s long overdue. All we have to do is show up! I hope you’ll join me there and feel confident that you’ll be glad you did.

– — Kyle