SEEs — Spiritual Enrichment Events

What do our neighbors think of First Baptist? Do they see us as people offering help for their real-world problems whether they are members or not? Do they think our facilities and resources are for members only? Would First Baptist come to mind if they were looking for a place for spiritual rest and nurture, no strings attached?

Those questions have inspired Spiritual Enrichment Events (SEEs). Open to the public, these events are designed to provide a space of rest, prayer and personal nurture for people whether they are church members or not, whether they live in Greenville or not. SEEs will typically be held on Saturday mornings and include a continental breakfast, opportunities for relaxed learning, the chance to interact with some of the finest speakers/facilitators we know, and a delicious lunch. They will address real needs: spiritual formation, health and wholeness, marriage and parenting, addiction recovery, theological education, artistic exploration, or the need for a “space” for prayer and contemplation. They are scheduled for the fall and spring so that out-of-towners can take a full weekend to explore Greenville’s beautiful parks and revitalized downtown.

We are thrilled about the fall line-up: The St. John’s Bible (Aug.1st), “Be Still and Know”: for the Friends and Family Members of Alcoholics and Addicts (Sept 19th) and “Path of Prayer”: praying with our heart, soul, mind and body (Nov 7th). Please take some copies of our brochure — wonderfully designed by Vance Milford — and share them with your friends and neighbors…

…and attend! The best gift we can give our neighbors is to become the spiritually healthy church that God calls us to be.