Rustlings: Wynn Again… (February 15, 2016)

The request — more like an assignment — went something like this: Some of the folk who are not attending the church-wide retreat in Black Mountain are eager to know what’s going on here that Sunday morning, so please write an article and let them know “what’s happening.”

We will not have Sunday School or childcare that morning, but all ages will worship together in the Fellowship Hall at 10:30. We will pray, sing and, for sure, we will take an offering. I will preach and will do my best to follow Jim’s penchant for brevity!

Beyond that, I do not know what will happen on the first Sunday in March, any more than any of us ever know what will happen as we gather for worship on any given Sunday. We never know what will happen when we come together as a family of faith and seek to open our hearts and minds to the unseen source of hope, healing and grace.

Whenever and wherever we gather for worship, we never know what we might hear or sense — even in the silence — that will move us to deeper communion with the Loving Presence in whom we live and move and have our being. Taking liberty with words from Anne Lamott: On Sunday, March 6, as we do every Sunday, we will gather to be part of something beautiful and will give thanks for the meaning, purpose and joy that emanate from that light which is brighter than the glimmer of our own candle.

— Bax