Rustlings: The Welcome Matt… (May 23, 2016)

I bet many of you are like me in that you, too, are creatures of habit. My weekly schedule would probably bore most of you to tears. On the other hand, I am sure that quite a few of you are also like me in that you love to try new things. I don’t mean trying new and adventurous things like hang gliding, taking a cross-country road trip or learning canasta. I mean trying new ways of doing the same old things: carrying my phone in a different pocket this month, driving a new way to the office for three months straight, brushing my teeth in the guest bathroom for a few weeks, because… you know, just to see how it goes. Yes, new ways of doing the same old things – that’s what I love. What else would you expect from a guy whose favorite food is leftovers, which of course is simply a new way of eating the same old food?

So, yes, in a paradoxical way that perhaps only makes sense to me, I like new routines. I also like Sunday School in the summer, where all of the classes get together in the Fellowship Hall for joint lessons,giving teachers a break and also allowing all sixteen classes to mix and mingle. But (now stay with me here), what if we put a new twist on our same old summer Sunday School format and offered a variety of lesson styles and topics each Sunday throughout the summer?

Well, that is the plan for the summer. We will have four options each Sunday morning: a FRed Talk in the Chapel (think TED Talk, only fresher!), a Music for Dummies series in the Prayer Room (just around the corner from the Chapel), a variety of small group discussion opportunities in the Gayle Price Classroom (E-325, also just around the corner from the Chapel) and a traditional style lesson in the Parlor with the members of the Seminar Class, who have graciously agreed to welcome anyone to join them in their space this summer.

On June 5, Jim Dant will lead us off in the Chapel with a FRed Talk called “The Beautiful Gift of the Babylonian Exile,” Kyle will be in the Prayer Room for the first installment of the Music for Dummies series, and Bert Strange will facilitate a discussion about the religions of the world in E-325, the Gayle Price classroom. I hope you enjoy this new twist on an old summer routine.

— Matt and the Spiritual Engagement Committee