Rustlings (October 20, 2014)

I don’t particularly like ketchup. The smell of ketchup does not appeal to me… And when you get it on your hands, your hands smell like ketchup. I have friends and family members who eat ketchup on almost everything: hamburgers, steak, eggs, tacos, macaroni and cheese, rice and even a few veggies. I’m just not fond of ketchup… except on French fries… and only on ‘thick’ French fries… and only ‘dipped’ in ketchup… certainly not ‘drenched’ in ketchup. Am I making myself clear? So, when a fellow church member suggested we have a Ketchup Sunday at church, I was hesitant to say the least. Why designate a Sunday to celebrate a condiment I don’t like – or any condiment for that matter? My fellow parishioner was not talking about condiments, however. He was referring to contributions. He confessed (and I assured him of his forgiveness) that he had gotten behind on his giving. Summer travels and Fall football had distracted his dollars. My simple mention of reaching our $2,300,000 budget and $100,000 Lula Whilden Mission Offering goals had been fodder for his desire to ‘catch up’ on his giving – and in his words – give a little more than he had planned this year. There is no official National Ketchup Day – and I can understand why. There is a National Mustard Day – the first Saturday in August. (This I understand, because I like mustard) So, why don’t we make Sunday, November 2, our official ‘Catch Up Sunday’? If you’re behind on your giving to the church or haven’t made your offering to Lula Whilden yet, let’s do it that Sunday. Or, like my forgiven friend, bring an extra offering to the altar of the Lord – above what you had planned – and make it a day to joyfully, generously celebrate God’s goodness in your life. I think I’m starting to like catch up….