Rustlings (October 19, 2015)

I walked to Lula Whilden’s grave last week. Her marker was still there. The ground was still solid above her resting place. Nothing seemed disturbed. I’m assuming – just assuming – she had not rolled over in her grave. It was a personal, private concern I had when we named and played a poker tournament in her honor in order to raise money for missions. My heart and mind are at rest, however. The grave looks fine.

Our Second Annual Lulapalooza Texas Hold’em Poker Tournament will be held on Sunday evening, November 1. We will follow the same schedule as last year. I will offer a ‘poker primer’ at 5:00pm for those want to learn the basics of the game. At 6:00pm, we will take a break for supper (bring your own food or eat out) and at 6:30pm the tournament will begin. The structure of the tournament forces it to end no later than 9:00pm. The tournament fee is $50, and for an extra $50 you will receive an additional 1000 chips. Last year, almost everyone paid $100 to play…we had over 80 players… and in three hours we raised over $8000 for the Lula Whilden

This year we are limiting the tournament field to 100 players. If you are a veteran of the game or have never held a card in your life (because you thought Lula or your grandmother or a former pastor would turn over in their grave), all are invited to sign up, pay up and enjoy some cards for a cause. No money is won by the participants – this is not a gambling venture – but the tournament winner receives the coveted Lulapalooza Champions Blazer… and it’s beautiful. Sign up now at the church’s website or call the church office to get on the list. And don’t forget to bring a friend.

— Jim