Rustlings (November 21, 2016)

I’ve never been ashamed to admit when I need help. While driving, I’ll stop and ask for directions. When water is leaking from those intricately bent and bound pipes under the sink, I call a plumber. When I’m stuck in a theological quagmire because of some biblical reference that makes little sense to me (or makes too much sense to me), I use my proverbial ‘phone a friend’ option. I don’t mind asking for help. And I don’t mind admitting that sometimes I need help with the whole Christmas season.

If you’re like me and need help focusing on what really matters this Christmas, I hope you’ll attend each of our Advent/Christmas Sunday services. We are centering our hearts on the senses of the season; what does Christmas feel, taste, look, sound and smell like? And if you need some daily focus, don’t forget to pick up your Advent devotional guide at the reception desk. This year’s daily reader, God’s Advent Artistry by Jerry Welte, will daily accentuate the ‘senses of the season.’

If you need a little extra joy in your Christmas, don’t miss our third annual First on Main concert at NOMA Square on Wednesday evening, December 14, at 6:15. Some musical members of our congregation will be singing Christmas songs – old and new – to lift your spirits. We’ve even got a ‘surprise blues artist’ among us who’ll be entertaining you!

But if your heart is so heavy this season… so heavy that Christmas music seems to make you feel worse rather than better, I invite you to our Longest Night Service which will be held in the Carpenter Chapel on Wednesday evening, December 21, at 7:00. Held on the longest night of the year, this service of consolation is designed for those who have experienced difficult losses or challenges during the past year. We will acknowledge the pain of our lives through music, prayers, a brief meditation and the lighting of candles. Be here if you’re hurting, and if you’re not, be here for those who are.
If you need a little help this holiday season, I hope you’ll take advantage of all these opportunities offered at First Baptist Greenville.

— Jim