Rustlings (May 2, 2016)

Sometimes I forget. Not often, but sometimes I forget. This week I forgot. My Rustlings article was due early in the week (really early in the week… Monday early in the week), but it’s Thursday night (yes that’s three days later), and I’m feverishly typing. Sometimes I forget. But I don’t feel too bad because…

Sometimes you forget. On Sunday, May 22, First Baptist will celebrate and honor our 2016 graduates. The day will begin with breakfast in the AYMC. All graduates with their families are invited to join the Youth Family for a time of fellowship and food. Graduates will be recognized individually during worship and given a special gift from the church. Following worship, there will be a luncheon in the Fellowship Hall for the high school graduates, their families and those who want to celebrate this special day with them.

During the luncheon there will be a special presentation highlighting the graduates who choose to attend. In addition, we would like to recognize university graduates too. But for any and all of the above to happen – you have to notify the church that you or your child is graduating. The day after names and pictures appear in The Branch, some of you will realize…you forgot. So here’s your reminder… call the church office this week and let us know if you or one of your family members is graduating this Spring. And speaking of forgetting…

Some have forgotten to increase and offer their tithes and offerings during the first four months of the year. If you’ve kept an eye on our giving records, you know that we are giving a little below last year’s level rather than above. So if you’ve forgotten to ‘simply give’ by tithing, increasing last year’s gifts by 10% or beginning a regular pattern of giving, then let me encourage you to do so.

And don’t feel bad if you’ve forgotten to do these things. Sometimes I forget. (Now let me send this article to the church office…three days late.)

— Jim