Rustlings (March 30, 2015)

The short answer is ‘no.’ The longer answer is, “No, I cannot stick you in my suitcase and take you to Israel. You would not fit. You probably would exceed the maximum weight limit for my roller board carry-on luggage. And I can’t imagine how I would respond to Israeli security when they question me about your crumpled presence.” So, the short answer is…‘no.’

Seventeen members of First Baptist Greenville, four friends and one visiting theologian will be flying to Israel on Monday, April 13. These twenty-two pilgrims will be experiencing the first Motherland Pilgrimage – a tracing of the life of Jesus through the eyes of the women in his life story. I’m looking forward to spending time in the Holy Land with Christian friends experiencing sacred moments. As some of you have requested, I wish I could stuff all of you in my luggage and carry you along. The short answer is ‘no.’

However, I absolutely refuse to leave you behind. I refuse to completely separate myself from you and your prayers. Please do me, my fellow pilgrims and yourself a favor. Think of a person or a situation you would like to lift to God in prayer. Write that name on a small slip of paper – no larger than a business card. Drop it by the church office or give it to me by Sunday, April 12. Then, my fellow pilgrims and I will take your prayers and place them in the cracks of the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem…every one of them…and speak a prayer for you and loved ones there. It would be an honor and a blessing for me to take you to Israel in the shape of a prayer…