Rustlings (March 16, 2015)

I enjoyed the toys of my childhood. I’m fully aware of the advanced technology required to run a modern video game, electric car, remote-controlled helicopter or smart pad. But I loved the non-tech toys of my childhood: Tinker Toys, Etch-a-Sketch, Slinky, Jacks, Silly Putty, plastic army men (or cowboys and Indians), Matchbox Cars, Barrel of Monkeys, Hot Wheels, Creepy Crawlers and cap guns. When I see any of these items, I immediately begin to smile.

I smiled when Juli Morrow, our preschool minister, told me about Project Pinwheel. I smiled because I also like pinwheels – another good childhood memory. But more importantly, I smiled because of Project Pinwheel’s purpose. Project Pinwheel is a child abuse prevention campaign that promotes the little things every family can do to help keep children safe and secure. I was a victim of child abuse and neglect…that’s a memory I don’t want any other child to carry.

Our church, along with Greenville Health Systems and Greenville County First Steps, is sponsoring a Project Pinwheel Awareness Walk on Sunday, April 12, at 2:00 p.m. We’ll walk less than a mile from the church to the Julie Valentine Memorial. I want to encourage you to go to our church’s website, click on Project Pinwheel, register, donate a minimum of $10 (hey, you get a t-shirt!) and join me for the walk. Juli would like at least 50 church members to join the stroll. Is she kidding? At least 100 of us should show up, enjoy a beautiful Spring afternoon, watch the pinwheels spin, and insure the protection of our children.

– Jim