Rustlings (June 29, 2015)

As an elementary school student, I kept my homework, notes and other important papers in my Blue Horse three ring binder. In middle school, Trapper Keepers were all the rage. My clothbound three ring binder gave way to a plastic trifold notebook with built in folders and pencil holders. It seemed a technological marvel. But by the time I completed graduate school, every note I’d taken and every paper I’d written were saved in electronic folders on a personal computer. And today – this very moment – I’m 30,000 feet above Utah typing and saving an article on an iPad. When finished, I’ll save it, attach it to an email, hit ‘send’ and…well….you’re reading it now. The way we share and send and save information is changing at a rapid pace.

In recent months, you’ve no doubt noticed a change in much of our church’s communications. Our Sunday orders of worship are a one sheet trifold – this saves both paper and work hours. Our logo has changed. Our website has changed. Each of these transitions has helped us communicate more clearly and efficiently. The next change you will notice, in the area of communication, will be The News. It’s getting a new name, a new look and a revised purpose. The Branch, as it will now be called, will have fewer but more informative articles. Articles will be labeled and blocked for ease of reading. The content of The Branch will be both informative (providing details of future events) and inspirational (providing reflections on past events). Printed content will be limited; the website will become a primary source for much of our news.

In the coming weeks, feel free to give feedback on the new look and content. Nothing is etched in stone – we left that behind long before the Blue Horse three ring binder. We will continue to shift and shape until we are sharing information as best we can. So, I’ll see you in The Branch and see you in church next Sunday.

– Jim