Rustlings (July 27, 2015)

George Gershwin wrote, ‘It’s summertime and the livin’ is easy.’ This soft, easy jazz standard from the score of Porgy and Bess conjures images of rocking chairs on front porches, cold ice tea, and the gentle breeze of a funeral fan. Of course, no southern porch would be complete without the family dog nearby – lying in a bit of shade… panting to keep cool. We’re approaching the dog days of summer…

Douglas Harper, a famous etymologist (if there is such a thing), tells us that the ‘dog days of summer’ are the hot period of the summer when the rising of Sirius (the Dog Star) coincides with the rising of the Sun. The extreme heat was a result of both stars imposing their energy on the earth. The ancient Egyptians believed that the possibility for evil was pronounced during these sultry days, so human activity was kept to a minimum. Today, we rarely regard our summer idleness as a protection against evil; we simply don’t like the heat!

We all know that these are not lazy days at First Baptist Grenville. These final weeks of Summer are still filled with mission and ministry. Rather than rocking and relaxing on front porches, we are finalizing details for Vacation Bible School, the St. John’s Bible Retreat, the continued Sunday School study of Jesus’ Seven Vocations, Rockmont, Youth Lunch clubs, a Senior Adult trip to Strawberry Hill (at least it’s not Blueberry Hill – the Egyptians would have considered that evil!), a baseball camp, our August hosting of GAIHN families, a Sunday School Teacher Appreciation Breakfast and more!

Feel free to spend a little time on the porch with your dog, a funeral fan and a glass of ice tea. But when Sunday rolls around, we’ll hope to see you in the pew at FBG.