Rustlings (January 21, 2015)

I like when the planets align. You know, ‘When the moon is in the seventh house and Jupiter aligns with Mars and peace guides the planets and love fills the stars.’ (Okay, you just dated yourself!) But, when the planets don’t align, I like it when some of the joys of my life fall neatly into place. For instance, I like to be active – in particular, to run. I like raising money for good causes. I like honoring a good memory. And sure, I’ll admit it…I like Waffle House.

On Saturday, February 21, our church is sponsoring the annual Mission Backpack 5K. In addition to the 3.1 mile run, there is a 1 mile walk/run and a $5 breakfast provided by Waffle House at the AYMC following the race. All monies go to support Mission Backpack – a ministry to provide food to needy children. And this whole affair honors the memory of C. Dan Joyner and his great generosity. What an alignment!

As stated, your $25 race registration will support the ministry of Mission Backpack. But wait! There’s more! (Not a set of ginsu knives.) For every racer that beats me, I will donate a dollar to Mission Backpack! But wait! There’s still more! I’ve had two other people offer to match my donation for every racer who beats me! So….are you ready? Get online and go to and register. Get your kids, your mama, your neighbors, your co-workers and every member of your Sunday School class to register. I’ll run the race and then sit down at the finish line until every runner and walker has crossed to insure a maximum donation. (Or just because I’m tired.) Let’s make this the best year ever for the Mission Backpack 5K! It’s all part of living generously….