Rustlings (December 5, 2016)

I slid into the seat of my newly restored Volkswagen Beetle (Barney) and drove to the YMCA. The routine is all too familiar: grab backpack from trunk, lock car, slowly walk to the front door – pondering what manner of torture I would put my body through on this particular visit. The regimen was broken, however, by a baked-goods sale at the YMCA entrance. I chuckled at first. After all, who sells brownies, chocolate chip cookies and cheesecake bites at the entrance of a fitness center?!? Then, I saw the sale benefited the Children’s Hospital, and I saw one of our FBG children participating in the sale. Her ministry to our community made my day. I made a donation. I didn’t eat a brownie…

I slid into the pew beside some friends and made small talk for those minutes remaining before the concert began. I scanned the program and made note of the repertoire and the names of our children participating. The Chicora Voices have moved their ‘base of operations’ to FBG. It’s been an honor to have them working under our roof and a greater honor attending their holiday concert in our Sanctuary. It was beautiful. I was grateful for the ministry the students provided…especially those students who are members of our congregation.

On Sunday evening, December 11, our Children’s Choirs will present their Christmas music. The concert will be held in the Sanctuary at 6:00pm with cookies and celebration (Carols, Cookies and Cocoa) to follow in the Fellowship Hall. This is a moment of ministry on our church’s calendar you will not want to miss. Don’t get me wrong. I love all the ministry ‘we adults’ do in the church and in the world, but when our children are involved in ministry – especially during the holiday season – it just speaks to me. I think it will speak to you as well. I’ll see you at church this Sunday morning and evening. We’ll let the children speak and sing a word of truth to us.

— Jim