Rustlings (April 23, 2018)

For part of our lives, we are encouraged to sit. As a child, I was told to sit still in church, sit quietly at recitals, sit in a corner when I was disobedient and sit politely at the dinner table. Learning to sit was an important skill. In later years, we are encouraged to move. As one doctor has suggested, the sofa is the new cigarette. Being motionless is taking its toll on our heart, skeletal muscles and bone mass, so we buy gym membership, Fitbits, treadmills, bicycles and a host of other fitness equipment to insure we move. In the days ahead, First Baptist is providing some important activities for both the sitters and the movers.

If you are a sitter, you’ll want to be certain and make a reservation to the First Night of Ramadan Feast. On May 15, at 8:00 pm, First Baptist Greenville will host the Atlantic Institute and our Muslim neighbors for the first night of Ramadan meal. This will be a unique opportunity to be a neighbor to the Muslim community, as well as get to know these neighbors. The evening will include an explanation of Ramadan, a brief Q&A session, listening to the call of prayer, and of course, a feast at sundown. If you’d like to join us in this display of hospitality, please make a reservation at this Atlantic Institute link:

If you are a mover, then don’t miss the Demonstration of Unity BBQ and march on the morning of Saturday, June 2. The congregations of First Baptist Greenville and Springfield Baptist will meet on the steps of the old downtown First Baptist Church. After a photo op, the two congregations will walk the .4 mile together to Springfield Baptist down McBee Avenue. Upon arrival, we will enjoy an outdoor luncheon BBQ (with all the fixin’s), inflatables for the children, corn hole for all us older children and the music of Cappuccino Funk. It’s our annual joint event with Springfield Baptist, and you will not want to miss it.

Both events are for everyone – sitters and movers alike. Both events help us connect with our neighbors and close the gaps that exist between us. Both events will be filled with fellowship and food. I think both events will delight God. I’ll see you there…sitting around the table and walking down McBee…

— Jim