Saturday, September 24

Date: Saturday, September 24
Time: 10am-noon
Cost: $15
Optional Lunch for $10
Location: FBC Parlor

Register here or by contacting Kyle Matthews ( or Matt Rollins (

Remember coloring? The fragrance of new crayons, the box of tight little rows of solid hues in theater seats, the calming pleasure of pushing color around on the page? Remember the deep introspection that tended to come along for the ride?

On the first page of her book “Praying in Color,” Sybil Macbeth describes the practice of prayer-focused drawing as “both process and product.” That pretty much describes all spiritual practices. Unlike the work we do to be productive, spiritual practices — the time, the focus, the openness we bring to them, the peace we find doing them — are themselves the point. We are starved for them, but often suppress that need.

Spiritual Enrichment Events (SEEs) help us “make an appointment with ourselves” to do what is important but rarely feels urgent: pray. For our next retreat, we’ll put on some coffee, get comfortable, and — with minimal instruction — “pray in color” using the doodling and drawing that comes naturally to the “child inside” to help us open our lives to God.

That means you don’t have to know anything at all about art! No one will judge — or even needs to see — your creations. We’ll provide the materials, but if you’re already working in a favorite medium, bring your own and use them in a new way.

What’s important is that we “become the child that we are” in the presence of a loving God. (Crayons included.) Come join us and bring a friend!

— Kyle