Memories of Operation Inasmuch

SAVE THE DATE: MARCH 18 operation-inasmuch

Memories of FBG’s first Operation Inasmuch never fail to make me smile. I was part of the Children’s Ministry at the time so I spent the day with the kids. The kids were so excited about painting flower pots, putting flowers into the flower pots, then delivering them to the Sarah Gossett Retirement Home. The kids were a little hesitant when we first got to the Sarah Gossett, but the bright eyes and smiles of the residents were so welcoming that the hesitancy of the kids quickly evaporated. I can still see old and young heads close together as they talked about the painted flower pots. When it was time to leave, some of the kids decided that hugs were in order. I could tell that the residents truly enjoyed the hugs… perhaps even more than the flowerpots.

– Debbie Paden Mobley

During the 2016 Operation Inasmuch I had the opportunity to work on replacing the floor for a lady named Gwendolyn who lives adjacent to the church in the Nicholtown community. As with many of the residents in this area, their homes are various states of disrepair, and Gwendolyn’s kitchen floor was in rough shape. A team of church members and I worked to pull out the old floor, patch and repair the areas as needed and then laid a new floor. Gwendolyn was impressed and happy with our efforts, and I truly feel like she was thankful for our time. The best part was being able to get a glimpse into someone else’s life and have the opportunity to help out in some capacity. I look forward to other projects which will improve the quality of life for the neighbors of our church.

– Walt Herbert