Name that Room

We are looking to rename the classrooms in the AYMC/Youth Ministry area, and we need your help to get creative. Currently, our classrooms are named by grade level and “multipurpose” for the big room, and those just seem to be, well, boring. We’d love to be able to direct people that use the facility to a fun and interesting named room instead of saying, 6/7 grade room. We know that you already have ideas running through your mind so, please take a few minutes, visit and submit your suggestions to us. There are three classrooms and a big gathering room. Ideally, all of the room names would be connected by a common theme. Other than that, the sky’s the limit on creativity. All ages are welcome to participate, and if we end up using your suggestion, you will be featured in an article in The Branch. However, you are not required to submit your name with your entries; you can remain anonymous.

— Mittie and Mary Carol