Like many of you, I find myself making the same three New Year’s Resolutions each year: 1) to remain as good-looking as ever, 2) to become rich and famous and 3) to become a spiritual giant. The list doesn’t change, I suppose, because I never quite pull these off. Jim thinks it’s because there’s an inherent conflict between #2 and #3, but I hold out hope that #3 will come as a result of #1.

In the off-chance that you, too, might need help keeping your commitment to deepening your spiritual life, growing toward Christ-likeness, we have two big ideas—let’s actually schedule time for it and let’s share the experience—so we can help one another show up and get the most out of it. Let’s all put Wednesday nights on our calendars—come for dinner in the Fellowship Hall 4:45–6pm, if you like—and be present at 6:15pm for a brief look at one of the twelve classic spiritual disciplines, the ones most famously detailed in Richard Foster’s best-selling Celebration of Discipline. Celebration sounds fun, doesn’t it? And don’t worry, we’ll help each other with the “discipline” part. Keeping promises and celebrating life should come so close together as to be inseparable, don’t you think?

But first, we’ll kick off the whole Midweek semester with Jim Dant sharing the personal story of vocational calling that led him to First Baptist. Many of you have said how much you loved and learned from the “My Story Too” testimonies we’ve already heard from Baxter, Matt, Kendra and Mary Carol, so we’re going to keep this up! These personal stories always do more than help us get to know our ministers, as important as that is. They help us see our own callings in the light of another’s experience, something we all hunger for, deep down.

So, don’t miss any of this. And please don’t forget to bring a friend! Few people in Greenville — or anywhere else—have ever experienced “church” like the warm fellowship of First Baptist Greenville.

I am so grateful to share all these experiences with you!