Middle School Mission Blitz

We blitzed Asheville, and it was blissful. 46 middle school youth and adults spent the weekend serving and learning in Asheville, NC. We came home with our hearts full of stories that had been shared with us by those who have been called to educate and raise awareness, as well as those who have personally experienced homelessness and food insecurity. We got our hands dirty digging in the gardens at Haw Creek Commons, while learning about how we can live more simply and sustainably. We laughed and witnessed hospitality while creating posters, cleaning rooms, and feeding the alpaca of the Black Mountain Children’s home, a facility that provides foster care for children from birth through college who have been abused, abandoned or neglected. We scrubbed toys, organized shelves of donations, and were blown away by the powerful testimonies of individuals who have overcome addiction and homelessness with the help of the Western Carolina Rescue Mission. This expansive ministry is working to meet the immediate physical needs of men, women and children, while empowering those on a journey of self-sufficiency.

Thank you to all the adults who traveled with us, the staff who supported us, and especially to our middle school students who helped to make this trip a memorable success!

— Mary Carol and Sarah