Lenten Booklets

The 2018 Lenten Booklet contains fourteen meditations: one for Ash Wednesday, one for each of the five Sundays in Lent, and one for the seven days in Holy Week beginning on Palm Sunday and ending with Easter. Each meditation is accompanied by a Gospel passage from the lectionary for this Lenten season. The meditations will cover the theme for this year, Images of Grace. Some of the authors write on images of grace they observed while on pilgrimage to the Holy Land, while other authors speak from their roles as members of the Spiritual Formation committee. The booklets will be available this Wednesday, February 14, after our Ash Wednesday service in the Sanctuary, since this is where we start our personal Lenten journeys as a group, asking for corporate forgiveness and seeking to grow closer to God. (You don’t have to wait until Wednesday to get your booklet. Download your copy today on the church website: here) On behalf of the Spiritual Formation Committee and the designer of this booklet, Eric Coleman, we hope these Lenten meditations, along with the wonderful artwork that was contributed by our Visual Arts Team, stir within you a desire to more easily see and embody images of grace that are all around God’s kingdom as we continue on our individual and communal faith journeys. All are invited. See you Wednesday.

— Matt Rollins and Kay Hardage, Spiritual Formation Committee Chair