Get Involved


Greenville is a growing, diverse community, and First Baptist partners with and supports a large number of community organizations. Giving back to our community through volunteer work is a great way to connect with our community. But there are also opportunities to connect in other ways – sometimes the simple act of showing up makes an impact. On this page, you’ll find some First Baptist events and organizations that we’ve partnered with in the past. Below are links to the three other Get Involved lists.

United Ministries’ Transformation Walk

This year’s Transformation Walk will take place on Sunday, October 1. From 12 – 2pm there will be food trucks, a raffle, games, and entertainment at Fluor Field. After an awards ceremony, the 3-mile walk will start at 2:30pm.

Contact: Josh Beeby –



IHN (Interfaith Hospitality Network)

Hosting homeless families in church building; Next host week: December 17-24

Contact: Mary Pyett –


World Relief

World Relief is an organization that settles refugees in the upstate. Jenny Lee will be heading up our Good Neighbor Team, which partners with a refugee family to welcome them to the Greenville area and empower them to reach self-sufficiency. This can include setting up an apartment for the family, welcoming them at the airport, helping them acclimate to our culture, visiting them weekly, and – most importantly – forming relationships with the refugees.

Contact: Jenny Lee –


Trunk or Treat

October 29, 2017

Contact: Frank Smith –


Project Host

Serve at soup kitchen on a Sunday morning

Contact: Krista Good –


Fruit Collection for United Ministries

Help with September fruit drive and/or year-round collection and delivery

Contact: Susan K. Shelley –


Annie’s House

Located at 60 Baxter Street in the Nicholtown Community, Annie’s House is an interfaith initiative demonstrating the feasibility and benefits of living more simply and sustainably.


Contact: Rick Joye –


Interfaith Forum

The purpose of the Interfaith Forum is to build understanding, respect and cooperation among the various religious denominations and faith groups in our community, our region, our nation and our world.



Speaking Down Barriers

Speaking Down Barriers facilitates community dialogue with the goal of healing the wounds of difference, including race, gender, class, religion, national identity, and sexual orientation.



Mission Backpack

In Greenville County, more than 60,000 people do not know where one of their meals will come from each day. Many of those experiencing food instability are children. While schools are able to assist a significant number of children through breakfast and lunch programs, many of the children served go hungry when they are away from school. A first step toward eliminating hunger for these children is to supply nutritious food for the weekends. Mission Backpack pairs organizations and schools to fill those weekend backpacks. Volunteers purchase, pack, and deliver bags of food to the school weekly.

Contact: Stephanie Wright –


Loaves and Fishes

Loaves & Fishes is driven by the collective dream of Greenville County citizens to end food insecurity in our community. It is our mission to rescue food that would otherwise be wasted and deliver it to organizations equipped to feed the hungry. Loaves & Fishes is the only organization in Greenville County that provides free, regularly scheduled deliveries of perishable food for distribution to individuals served at emergency food pantries and neighborhood distribution programs.



Triune Mercy Center

Triune Mercy Center is a non-denominational church that encourages Greenville’s homeless and affluent to come together – in worship, Bible study, art, improvisational theater, music, gardening, volunteerism and various forms of assistance.



United Ministries

“United Ministries serves and empowers those on the transformative journey to self-sufficiency. Our vision is a community working together to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to thrive in Greenville.”



Greenville Literacy

“The Greenville Literacy Association provides quality adult education in a flexible and comfortable environment. It is our goal to provide affordable and effective help for all people – no matter what your income or education level.”
Hands On Greenville “United Way Hands On Greenville links volunteers with rewarding opportunities and champions volunteerism and community engagement. ”



Society of St. Andrews

“Since 1983, the Society of St. Andrew has salvaged fresh, nutritious produce from American farms – produce that otherwise would be left to rot – and delivered it to agencies across the nation that serve the poor.”

Webpage (for North and South Carolina):


Atlantic Institute

“Atlantic Institute is a non-profit organization whose goal is to promote dialogue among people and towards issues that pertain to their lives. Atlantic Institute’s mainstay is to engage in educational activities about social and cultural matters.”



Friends of the Reedy

“Friends of the Reedy River’s continuing priorities are the conservation and restoration of land along the banks of the river and its tributaries, encouraging improved watershed management to minimize stormwater impacts and sedimentation, water quality monitoring, recreation resource development, and education.”




“JustFaith Ministries (a non-profit headquartered in Louisville, KY) forms, informs and transforms people of faith by offering programs and resources that sustain them in their compassionate commitment to build a more just and peaceful world.”

Contact: Kristan Pitts –



Operation Inasmuch

Operation Inasmuch 2018 will take place on March 17. Operation Inasmuch is a churchwide service day where members of all ages go out to serve others in our community. The name is inspired by the King James translation of Matthew 25:40 – “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me.”

Contact (for planning the event): Sarah Herbert –


Mere Christianity Forum

“In the attempt to encourage the integration of faith and learning, the Forum was created as a means by which students could ruminate on and initiate discussions about faith through the lens of academia.”


Momentum Bike Clubs

“The mission of Momentum Bike Clubs is to positively impact the development of young people through mentoring relationships by establishing bike clubs in under-served communities.”