First on Main 2017

DECEMBER 13, 2017

5:00PM & 6:00PM

You think you know somebody… You see them every day at work or school, or every Sunday at church, and you formulate an entire profile in your mind of what they’re all about: how their house probably looks, who their friends probably are, where they probably go on vacation. Based on a first impression, we can even assume we know their values and beliefs. We want life to be simple and predictable, even if it means stereotyping, so we “think we know people…”

… and then you find out what they like to do for fun! You might even be shocked to learn that they actually have fun! Then all bets are off! Suddenly there must be a lot more to this person than you thought. Maybe some it you’d rather not know (see “TMI” in Journal of Social Etiquette), but you have to admit that you didn’t give them the benefit of the doubt. There’s always more than meets the eye.

When downtown businesspeople leave their offices and Christmas shoppers and tourists stroll down Main Street on the evening of Wednesday, December 13th, they might be surprised that the little band rocking fun, secular Christmas songs at NOMA Square is actually a group from the local First Baptist Church. They might be shocked to learn that the wicked guitarist is a bona fide American Ninja Warrior and that the gnarly bass player — Victor Wooten protege “Jimmy D” — is actually the senior pastor. They might not know what to do with a bunch of Jesus people who can go all evening without using religious jargon, proselytizing or condescension.

They might even find themselves wanting to hang out with us on a regular basis. That would be a pretty wonderful Christmas present for the church, wouldn’t it? So show up, will ya? Shake off whatever humbug is bugging you, loosen up, be yourself, bring a friend, and join us for the fun!

“First on Main 2017,” is at NOMA Square (in front of the Hyatt Regency, 220 North Main). The 5:00pm set will be repeated after 6:00pm.

— Kyle