Dear Church Family

Over five years ago, I was blessed with the unexpected opportunity to serve as the administrative assistant of First Baptist Greenville’s Youth Ministry. Right away the staff and members of First Baptist welcomed me with open arms, and I quickly fell in love with a job I thought would only last a year or two. While I not only love my job, I love each and every person who comes with it. This is why, after much thoughtful soul searching, it is with great sadness that I must announce my resignation effective at the end of April. Reaching this decision was very difficult for me, but I am simply at a point where I’m struggling to juggle the demands of both my family and of FBG’s Youth Ministry.

Working at First Baptist became much more than just a job for me. It became a relationship. It has become a relationship with the youth who I watch grow. It has become a relationship with the youth’s parents who trust my leadership and guidance over their children. It has become a relationship with the members of FBG who support our Youth Ministry. It has become a relationship with the staff who respect my work and talents. These relationships have become a tremendous part of my life – they have become a family to me. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this church and of your lives.

— Kendall Parks