Church Conference

Following Worship on February 19

The Rules of Church Order (RCO) state that the rules will be reviewed every five (5) years. The committee was appointed by the diaconate in May of 2015. Members include Pat-Booker Christy, Duke McCall, Tony McDade, Laurin McDonald, Bert Strange and me. The committee was charged with reviewing the rules and to bring recommendations for any revisions to the diaconate and the congregation β€œto review, and where needed, conform the RCO to our current practices.” The conference on February 19 will be a presentation of the proposed changes and will provide an opportunity for questions and comments, but no vote will occur. The conference on March 26 will provide for a formal vote on the proposed rules, including any amendments made by the committee following the February meeting and any amendments that might be brought from the congregation at the March meeting.

β€” Ben Mullinax

Click to View PDF of Recommended Revisions