The AYMC mission statement is to strengthen the connection between the congregation of First Baptist Church and the Greenville community and also to provide an inexpensive and inviting place to be healthy, to belong, and to serve.

When we opened the doors in 2009, we offered memberships to the congregation and community, weekday lunchtime pickup basketball and three exercise classes. Church members used the classrooms for meetings and parties. Word began to spread about our great facility and that we love to share it with the community. Today we have seventeen exercise classes, too many basketball games and practices to count and many, many church groups and outside groups using the facility. In addition, we have walking track and fitness room members working out.

Sarah Mobley took a recent four weeks from the calendar and estimated how many people visited the AYMC. She came up with 3,840 in 8 Bible studies, 60 exercise classes, 42 meetings and parties, basketball, fitness room and walking track. I would say 2/3 of these do not go to church here.

In addition to this, Greenville Tech Charter School leases our old gym weekdays, and a homeschool coop leases our downstairs area two days a month. We also work with groups in the surrounding area that need a place to meet but can’t afford to rent space. Two of our regular groups are Goodwill/Good Guides and Momentum Bike Club. Both are groups that mentor and nurture teenagers. As word continues to spread about the AYMC, I continue to get calls from groups wanting to use the space. Just this past Tuesday evening, we had a yoga class, group fitness class, shag class, Momentum Bike Club, SC Football Officials training, SAIL training and five basketball practices. Recently we hosted 200 Greenville Hospital med students for a field day, and this fall Greenville Cancer Society is having a community fair. We’re coming up on our 8 year anniversary, and we’ve done a great job carrying out our mission statement. Greenville is really seeing what a wonderful facility we have and that we love to share it.

— Mittie