Enjoy These Thoughts from Our Chilrden’s Sabbath Speakers

What was it like for you to lead our church on Children’s
Sabbath? Did you enjoy it? How did it make you feel?

— It felt fun and cool to lead in worship. I felt like a
leader. Ford McDonald

— It felt powerful to read and lead the church and worship.
And it was nice that people could know who I am since my
name was in the bulletin- they could put my name and my
face together. Nate Marshall

— It was exciting. It felt like I was the pastor. Jayne Womack

— It was great! It made me feel important. Meredith

— I enjoyed being part of something wonderful. It felt great
to worship God in this way. Kate Fuller

— I thought it was fun. I would want to do it more. Sam

— Awesome! I like speaking and everyone was listening!
Seanna Johnstone

Why do you think our church chooses to do Children’s
Sabbath each year?

— I think it is important because if you are never a
leader you are always a follower, and if you are always
a follower you never grow in your spiritual journey. Ava
Grace Hart

— It seems like the adults are always doing everything;
the kids should get a chance, too. Grayson Snyder

— It’s important for children to lead worship because
God loves the children as much as anyone else and
children get a voice from doing this. Wells Shelley

— I think it’s important for children to have the chance
to lead worship, because they might want to lead their
own church one day. Sawyer Cruce

— I think it’s important because it helps us understand
the service since we are leading the service. I think it
helps the younger children too since they are watching
people their age lead the service. Sydney Smith