What was it like for you to lead our church on Children’s Sabbath? Did you enjoy it? How did it make you feel?

It was exciting and fun! – Morgan Joye

It felt great because I got to say the prayer that was in my heart. It was an honor. – Martin Russo

I felt nervous but when it was over I was proud of myself. – Celie Ann Rollins

It was fun! I enjoyed being surrounded by my church friends and felt their support and encouragement while I was up there. – Jake Good

Why do you think our church chooses to do Children’s Sabbath each year? The adults always lead, so it’s good for the kids to have a turn. – Morgan Joye

I think it’s important because us kids got to talk directly to God in church today. – Martin Russo

So the children get a chance to know what it’s like to lead worship. It makes us happy and those who are listening happy too. – Celie Ann Rollins

Children can experience what it would be like to be a pastor in the future! It also gives kids a chance to be in a leadership position at FBG. – Jake Good