A Special Message from the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship

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To the Congregation of First Baptist Church:

At the start of this new year, all of us at the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship want to thank the members of First Baptist Church for your dedication and commitment to sustaining Global Missions, supporting healthy churches and nurturing Young Baptists. We appreciate being your partner in ministries and missions.

You are special to us, and we are grateful for you. You are sharing Christ’s love in profound ways as you join with nearly 1,800 fellow CBF churches to share and live the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Your gifts, generosity and personal involvement accomplished great things for the body of Christ in 2016. You welcomed refugees from Syria and other countries around the world forced out of their homes from war, hunger and violence. You provided food, water, shelter, education, medical care and new opportunities for women, men and children marginalized by injustice. You offer peace, hope and love in a time when our country and our world are hungry for God’s love.

And you do so much more through your faithful partnership with CBF. You started new churches for people who had never been part of a church or heard the message of Jesus. You provided a network of support for churches and pastors. You offered a path for Young Baptists to respond to God’s call and guidance in their lives.

All of this work would not be possible without you and your compassion and kindness.

As the Apostle Paul writes to the Philippians, “I thank God for every remembrance of you.” Thank you for all you are doing in your church, your community and in the world. We are grateful to have you as such an important CBF partner.

Yours in Christ,

Suzii Paynter
Executive Coordinator
Cooperative Baptist Fellowship